Hey guys! It's time again for a new season. This time I went all out! Read all about it below.

Important Information

What is transferred from S2 to S3?

  • Ranks (If you got a rank from a crate, DM me on discord to redeem on s3)
  • Gkits
  • Cosmetics & Tags
  • Pickaxes from store
  • Cell mines


Season 3 will last approx 3 months, after 3 months we will run a poll on the discord asking you guys if you want to extend the season an additional month or not. If the vote wins by a majority of 75%, we will extend it. If not, then we will start the new map.


After long consideration, cell top will now be done on a weekly basis instead of BiWeekly. This will keep the server more fresh, more fun, and more money to be made! Below are the rest of the changes.


Complete pet revamp, now pets are more exclusive, more overpowered, and a lot more fun. Pets start at level 1, to level them up you drag a pet of the same type, and equal level. Combining them will level it up. The only other way to level up your pet is by combining an Amethyst pet with it.

Pets can be obtained via Parkour Rewards, Apollo Crate, Crystal Crate, OP Crate, prestige rewards, lucky votes, challenges, and of course from the server store.


  1. Crate Doubler Pet (When opening crates you have a chance at getting double rewards)
  2. Crate Buddy Pet (When opening crates you have a chance at getting your key back.)
  3. Amethyst Pet (Instantly gives +1 level to your pet no matter the level, consumed upon use.)
  4. Apollo Pet (Reduces the required amount of blocks mined to obtain an apollo pouch.)
  5. Vote Artifact Pet (When voting on all links you get a vote point, this gives you a chance to double the vote point.)
  6. Rankup Pet (Refunds some of the money spent ranking up A through Z by a % based on your pets level.)
  7. Prestige Pet (Refunds some of the money spent on prestiging based on your pets level.)
  8. Gem Pet (Equivalent to an extra Gemerator level.)
Image from Gyazo


We now offer 16+ Parkour stages that yield amazing rewards ranging from millions of gems, tokens, and trillions of dollars. Additionally, we now have leaderboards for all 16 courses. More courses will be added mid season, so go flex your best scores!

You can also use shortcuts to get to each stage such as /parkour1, /parkour2, /parkour3 and so on. You have to complete the courses in order, and the rewards are as shows below.

Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo


This season SPACECELL Mines are fully upgradeable, you can invite friends, and they're super OP and fun.

  • Every SPACECELL Mine will start at 30x30x30 dimension, and there's 5 total upgrades allowing it to go to 150x150x150. These upgrades cost gems, and it's pretty expensive.
Image from Gyazo
  • Every SPACECELL Mine will start with emerald blocks, and can be upgraded three times in total. It goes emerald blocks, endstone, ender bricks, and finally purpur blocks. The amount these blocks sell for are insane.
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  • Every SPACECELL Mine can invite up to 12 players, it costs 200k per person you want to invite. You can only invite people who are on your cells team.
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Voting was something that was very simple, didn't have leaderboards, wasn't that helpful, and to be honest was somewhat boring. So I threw it all out of the window, and here we are.

  • Whenever you vote on ALL 6 vote sites, you obtain a vote point. These can be spent in the /vote shop. You can save up vote points for something big across seasons to obtain something like a high donator rank, gkit, or keys.
  • You are now reminded to vote as soon as you're allowed to again.
  • Vote leaderboards, monthly, all time.
  • Lucky Votes! Every time you vote, you now have a chance to get apollo keys, pets, gems, tokens, money and so so much more.


Pvp has been completely broken ever since our release, swords one shot people, and ruined your armor way too quickly. So I went ahead and fixed that, and did some other major changes.

  • Swords now CAP at 25 sharpness, when tested this is pretty balanced. Should be a lot more fun. The best swords in the game now go in this order: Donator kits, space crate, battle gkit.
  • BRAND NEW PVP ARENA. It's beautiful, you'll have to come see it for yourself.
  • GALACTIC BOUNTY HUNTER - we have a new and improved bounty hunter system with npc's to go into the menu at /warp pvp. You can set bounties same as before, but now it has a leaderboard, and you obtain players heads when you claim their bounty.


Do you ever get tired of mining, grinding, and prison in general? Well, I've decided to fix that if you do. Time to get spicy. Every 3-4 hours a SPLEEF event will now start, and the prizes for winning is a guaranteed random key. You can win anything from a rankup key, to an Apollo. Once this is tested more on the live version, I'll had skywars, hunger games, and much more to the random events sequence. I'll also make them occur a lot more frequently.

Misc Changes

  • Reworked crystal keys, you're now able to get 40 per pickaxe.
  • All keys are now virtual. (Check key balances with /keys)
  • Brand new server icon!
  • Fixed a bug that sent a message in chat upon login.
  • In game /rules match discord rules now.
  • Changed amount of reactions required for each BP mission.
  • Beacon / sponge shops are now disabled.
  • Explosion no longer procs beacon / sponge enchants.
  • Added /chal announcement.
  • Reduced price of wormhole pickaxe and other items.
  • Removed the Lunar Pickaxe and Parallax Pickaxe.
  • 100% new tags, all of season 2 tags are still available for those who obtained them on S2. But now there is all new tags to obtain.
  • Cells are by default 401x401 in size, and 180 height allowing to easily place SPACECELL Mines.
  • Gave more plots as prestige rewards.
  • Added ability to merge plots.
  • Fortune & Efficiency now go to 200 on gem picks.
  • Explosion is now capped at 7.
  • Pickaxes are soulbound. You can NO LONGER LOSE THEM in pvp.
  • Whenever you receive tokens or gems anywhere on the server, it says the amount in chat if above 100.
  • New plot building.
  • Daily rewards now scale based off of your prestige.
  • I made the cost of A->Z scale the higher prestige you get, making it harder, and more expensive to max.
  • Removed the /rankups gui.
  • Changed gamma gkit to have 6 Apollo's instead of 8.
  • Apollos removed from cosmic / celestial gkit.
  • Keys are now virtual which will prevent boosting, and makes you not lose keys due to full inventory.
  • Removed pickaxes from donator kits, now we just have Wormholes & Gempicks.
  • Added prestige shop, you gain a prestige point every 5 prestiges. /prestigeshop.
  • Fixed /prestige9 & /prestige10.
  • Whenever you enchant a pickaxe, you have 6 hours to disenchant it via /de for 95% of your gems back, this persists even through server reboots.
  • Rebalanced all crates, and made their %'s a lot more fair.
  • Fixed cobblewalls in /shop.
  • Key balance shows above every crate in the game now.
  • When you open your pickaxe upgrade menu, it now displays all your enchants, the disenchant menu shortcut button, and gem balance.

A lot of the things in this new season were CORE CHANGES I've had to make for a while. Now that this is out of the way, we can jampack new content into future seasons such as new enchants, pickaxe prestiges if requested, and so much more.

I spent hundreds of hours on this season, and I really hope it's something you guys will enjoy.  - bless xoxo lunar :)