Over the the last week or two I've been working on a ton of updates for the server. I've only implemented a handful of them, and will be rolling out the rest of them later this month. I really hope you guys enjoy! Remember if you ever have any suggestions or want to see something added to OUR server, post it on our discord.

Content Updates

  • Added math chat reactions. This requires you to solve simple math problems for a reward. It's similar to chat reaction.
  • Created an entire parkour hub and I have to give a giant shoutout to Naaarity for helping me with it. He built all of the parkour obstacles. Once you beat the /warp parkour at spawn, you can do /claim parkour to unlock access to the /parkourhub. Once you're at the parkour hub, you have 6 insanely difficult courses to complete. Once finished, you unlock ultra exclusive rewards. I'm going to be adding a lot more rewards to people who complete every course in the near future.
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  • Added the ability to get Apollo key pouches from key pouches.
  • When you enchant your pickaxe, you now have up to 3 hours to reverse the upgrades for 95% of your gems back with /de.
  • When you level up your pickaxe you will now receive crystals, along with a message letting you know you've received it that can be spent with /cs.
  • You can now /sellall anywhere on the server. No longer do you have to be standing inside of the mine.
  • Added over 200 new words to chat reaction.
  • Everyone can run /am check (name) on any player to spy on their autominer time.
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Bug Fixes, small changes, and more.

  • Added a confirmation before breaking a cauldron.
  • Fixed P41 prefix.
  • Majorly increased A mines reset timer.
  • Fixed issue with the /report command.
  • Fixed a unknown dupe with /duel.
  • Added /warp parkourhub alias -> /parkourhub.
  • Removed limits on buying / selling beacons and sponges at shops.
  • Doubled currency rewards in Apollo key crate.
  • You can now trade with players anywhere on the server. You no longer have to stand within 16 blocks of them.
  • Doubled discord boosting rewards.
  • Added coreprotect for staff! Never lose your items or get griefed ever again.
  • Increased duels radius from 15 to 24.
  • You should now be able to /msg, /warp, /spawn in autominer area.
  • Buffed autominer enchant.
  • Buffed autominer pouches, minimum amount of time as a reward is now 10 minutes, and the max is 45 minutes.
  • Staff can now speak in the servers lobby.
  • The /chal command now gives Apollo key pouches upon completing the challenges.
  • Cell mines sell price buffed.
  • Buffed Apollo key pouches by 20%
  • The /block top command now displays the top 27 miners instead of the top 9.
  • Updated /ts (tokenshop. Made the armor and sword a lot better, and lowered the price of mostly everything. We will fully revamp this soon.
  • Added top donator NPC's for top 4 players monthly at spawn.
  • Updated the /ts pot shop.

Thank you guys for everything. We've made what seems like years of progress over the last month or so. I'm very proud of everything we've accomplished, and looking forward to the future of our server.