I've returned from my vacation and will start going hard on the server again tomorrow morning. My main focus for the next two weeks will be advertising. I'll still provide updates, but my main focus will be ads. Hope you guys enjoy this weeks updates!

Content Updates

  • Brand new logo! It's pretty good in my opinion, but I'll be getting us another new one shortly.
  • Added payouts information to /help.
  • Updated the /payouts command to show all the new payouts.
  • Added a building competition payout.
  • Added a playtime competition payout.
  • Added /discord command in game.
  • Added /discord link (Ability to link your discord to your mc account and claim rewards)
  • Added the ability to view server chat in discord.
  • Added a welcome channel to our discord.
  • Added /duels, you can duel other players on any cell, anywhere.
  • Koth now starts every 4 hours.
  • Added 2 new backpack updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated pouch messages.
  • Fixed P15 Mine.
  • Fixed discord ticket system.
  • Buffed voteparty.
  • Changed autominer time in /tokenshop.
  • Added more voice channels in discord.
  • Added a donator voice channel on discord.
  • Made it so you get combat logged from opening a space crate.

Again, hope you guys enjoyed this weeks updates. A lot more is to come soon. :)