This weeks goals were to fix up any other bug I could find, and to add the final things of this map. Our current map 1 has had hundreds of changes / fixes / updates weekly for an entire month now. That's four weeks in a row. These posts will most likely slow down until our next map. But I'm of course not going to stop the updates.

Content Updates

  • Added Leaderboards to /spawn for various things.
  • Added a /playtime shop! Every hour you're playing the server, you gain a point. You can then spend these points in the shop. Along with a playtime top leaderboard, and end of map payouts for playtime.
Image from Gyazo
  • Added a PVP crate to spawn. I also buffed Space Crates in /warp pvp. Every time you open a Spacecrate, it has a 75% chance to give you a PVP Key, which allows you to open the crate for a chance at all the keys in the game.
  • Added monthly community challenges to /chal.
  • Brand new HUD design.
  • Brand new TAB design.
  • Added many hours of /autosell to vote rewards, and daily rewards.
  • Swapped out the vote links.
  • Battlepass rewards are now required to be redeemed via click, instead of automatic. This fixes a couple bugs with it.
  • Added /spacecrates command to check timer on crates.
  • Tons of staff promotions!
  • New Combat Logger, now had a HUD with player stats + anti run mechanic.
  • Key Generator pickaxe enchant now gives 1-5 Gem keys, OP Keys and more.
  • AM pickaxe enchant now gives 5 minutes to 30 minutes of AM time.
  • Added koth! I will start these at peak times.

Misc Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed week 3 Battlepass missions.
  • Made Prestige 30 mine larger.
  • Fixed /Maxrankup Bug.
  • Fixed Prestige 34 / Prestige 35 Duplicate rewards.
  • Blocked the ability to craft workbenches.
  • Fixed typo in /crates.
  • Fixed some prestige rewards.
  • Fixed bug in prestige mine.
  • Fixed Prestige 50 warp.
  • Made prestige 35 mine larger.
  • Fixed crates error.
  • Fixed /playtime message.
  • Fixed error in PVP crate.
  • Allowed the ability to message in auto miner area.

I am so tired guys, I really really hope you enjoy all the work I'm putting in. I love how we're growing, and I won't stop. Looking forward to future growth!