This week I spent the majority of my time fixing every last bug I could find on the server, along side the help of the players who reported them. Fixes aren't the only thing however, we also added a great deal of content. Below I will list everything done as a recap of week two.

Content Updates

  • Added the ability to coinflip other players! /cf
Image from Gyazo
  • Went ahead and polished the server /challenges. Now you receive massive rewards for every 100k blocks mined on the server.\
  • Added the ability to /marry other players
  • Added Space Crates to /warp pvp. These are crates that spawn once per hour if 15 players or more are online. They contain epic loot, that has been buffed since adding.
  • Added a new /gkit to Celestial rank.
  • Added a new /gkit to Cosmic rank.
  • Added 10 total levels for pet stamina upgrades.
  • Adjusted the blocks that spawn in mines v-z as well as prestige mines.
  • Added new rare exclusive tags to /challenges. This will be swapped out every map meaning if you obtain them on map 1, it's now rare. You keep it forever and no one can ever obtain it again.
  • Added tons of free battle pass rewards!
  • Once a pick is boosted, it can now be upgraded to 150 fortune & efficiency.
  • Buffed Auto Miner enchant by 5x.

Misc Bug Fixes & Changes

We've done a whole lot of bug fixes and changes, the bug fixes alone could get it's own blog. However, I'll just list them all below briefly.

  • Added helpful website & store analytics.
  • Swapped out two of the vote sites for better ones!
  • Slightly nerfed Auto Miner.
  • Buffed Parkour Rewards.
  • Changed week 1 BP Mission to kill 5 players instead of 25.
  • Turned kits in crates into vouchers.
  • Fixed beacons giving sponges in prestige crate.
  • Fixed MEME tag in prestige rewards.
  • Fixed 100k block interval Auto Miner reward message.
  • Updated GKIT's icons in crates.
  • Made donator ranks cheaper on the store.
  • Made it so you can only place 2k beacons / sponges into a cauldron. This makes it so people don't lose items due to inventory being full.
  • Updated the profanity filter greatly.
  • Disabled /duels, they'll be making a huge comeback completely revamped in the next update.
  • Stamina is finally fixed with pets.
  • Fixed Enderchests at /pvp.
  • Fixed payouts Hologram.
  • Fixed beacon pet upgrade.
  • Fixed typo in /prestiges GUI.
  • Added holograms around PVP to clarify how to leave the area.
  • Removed minebombs, they're pretty useless. I will readd them completely revamped in a future update.
  • Fixed parkour TP bug.
  • Fixed all the tags you can obtain through /prestige.
  • Fixed typo on signs at spawn.
  • Fixed prestige duplicate rewards.
  • Added /payouts CMD.
  • Added payout announcement.
  • Improved beginner holograms.
  • Blocked the ability to use pickaxe speed at Parkour & PVP.
  • Fixed couple /pv bugs
  • Added a cap to beacon / sponge sell prices on cells.
  • Removed Pluto crate.

I also did so so much more back end stuff related to the server. I really hope you guys enjoy all these fixes and updates. I have a lot more planned for the future.